Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Just wanted to check in and say we finally got our Comcast services and up and running. I'm typing this from my new home office, but we still have an incredible amount of things to unpack. Jennifer and myself will be posting pics as soon as we get the boxes cleaned up and things put away. It's been an exhausting last week, but entirely worth it. The new house is amazing, and we absolutely love it. My parents are flying in from Louisiana for Christmas, and we are really excited to show off our new house! I was able to get our media closet all wired up tonight and am delighted that everything worked out exactly as planned. No visible wires, cables boxes, etc...all neatly tucked away in the mud room closet. Awesome.


  1. Congrats on getting that Internet up and running. Our local provider had some glitches installing ours so it was a few days before we could connect... You forget how much you rely on wifi these days.
    I bet you are excited to show your new house off to family! Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Congrats on getting the media center all set up! I can't wait to see pictures once you've settled in!

  3. Great picture of your new home!!

    Could they not paint the exterior (front door, paint trim and foundation)? We may not get ours done because of the weather.

    Can't wait to see the pictures and I know you had a fabulous Christmas and Happy New Year in your new HOME!

    1. The front door was painted black, just not in this picture. They were able to paint all the exterior trim as well. The foundation doesn't get painted though. :(

    2. It looks like we will be getting our exterior painted tomorrow! The weather will be above 50 degrees and I am so excited we can move in with a finished exterior. The timing is impeccable!!

      How are you coming along with your unpacking??

  4. How has the Palermo been treating you? My wife and I expect to break ground in a few weeks and are on the lookout for Palermo specific tips from homeowners. Thanks!