Friday, August 17, 2012

Flooring Selections

Today we had our flooring appointment with Advanced Flooring in Hamilton, NJ. They were very patient and courteous; by far the best vendor meeting we've had! We took a few pictures and will post them below...

How cool is this?! :)

Vinyl for Laundry Room.

Friday, August 10, 2012


We had our first Guardian appointment today and I'm pretty excited about some of the options we selected. Both my husband and I really love music, so we opted for some of the home audio selections. 

  1. 1 pair of Klipsch CS-650-R in-ceiling speakers with volume control in Great Room
  2. 1 pair of Klipsch CS-650-R in-ceiling speakers with volume control in Master Bedroom
  3. 5.1 Premium Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System in Basement
  4. 8 Cable Jacks
  5. 2 Telephone Jacks
  6. 2 Data Jacks
  7. Pre-wire for a wall mounted TV in Great Room with all the components rerouted to the mud room closet.   
By the end of the appointment my head was spinning but I think we got everything we wanted!
In other news, we decided we wouldn't fight for the fireplace.  Yes it would be very nice, but we will just spend that money elsewhere, like during our flooring appointment on the 17th. I want to make it clear however, that we are NOT going to give our SR a 10 like he begged us for in our first meeting with him.    

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're a little heated up!

Well it happened! This is the first time I've been really aggravated with our SR and I hope it is not a taste of the future. 
My husband and I have gone back and forth determining whether to get the fireplace or not.  Well, originally we did not pick it as an option however after much debate, we decided to add it.  So I sent our SR an email asking if we could add the gas fireplace in the great room.  He said that he was off for the next few days but didn't see any major problems with adding it.  A few days pass and I still hear nothing from him.  I send him another email telling him what color marble we would like and that we would like to also add the blower (both options are associated with the fireplace).  He apologized for not getting back to me - he was held up with something - but still no indication that anything was wrong with the fireplace.  Again, I hear nothing from him.  I called him today inquiring about the status of the fireplace and he told us that Ryan homes had already ordered the blueprints and we would not be able to add the fireplace without being charged a fee!!! Why didn't he say that from the beginning!?  Needless to say I’m quite annoyed and do not know how to proceed! Should I fight to get the fireplace back, since I don’t believe we were at fault here, or do I let it slide?  I’ll be seeing our SR tomorrow at our Guardian appointment so I plan to discuss it further with him then.  

On a positive note, he did tell me that they plan to break ground on September 10th and expect a closing of November 29th!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Waiting waiting waiting....oh and packing!

Unfortunately, we have no new updates yet. We made a few changes to the house (and keep going back and forth with the fireplace), but nothing too major. Really, we are playing the waiting game and hoping all goes well with the closing of our current home; the date is still set at September 7, 2012. To pass the time we've been packing! I really didn't realize how much stuff a family can acquire over the years until I started to pack it all up!

My main concern now is NVR Mortgage. I've read some horror stories online about them. I really hope they stay true to form and don't try to pull out some hidden fees when we go into settlement.  This week we have our wiring appointment with Guardian, so more updates after then.