Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guardian Walkthrough

So the title pretty much says it! Today we had  our Guardian walk through with our rep. and picked out where we wanted the co-ax, data, phone, and speakers to be placed. We have a 5.1 in-wall/ceiling speaker mix going in the basement and 4 speakers on the first floor level. The first two are flanking the TV towards the rear of the great room. The other two are in the kitchen, and are wired to the closet in the mud room. This closet is where all the co-ax and data will feed to the rest of the house making it our media closet. It should work out rather nicely and make for a clean clutter free look in the great room (since you won't see the cable box). I'm using a remote repeater and plan on getting a nice Logitech universal programmable remote. On a side note, most of the plumbing and HVAC work is complete and Guardian plans on wiring tomorrow or Monday. We are told right now things are ahead of schedule, yes you read that right, AHEAD of schedule. So if all goes well we will be closing sooner than we thought.

    Now for today's photo update...

1st floor - from left to right - home office, great room, morning room/kitchen
2nd floor -left to right - Master bedroom, bath, closet. Hall bath and 1 bedroom (sun glare)


  1. that is some great news! love the panorama view! thanks for posting on the guardian idea for the media closet, we consider the basement so lets see what these guys can do

  2. Love the panoramic shots! Can't wait to try out that feature on my own home.

  3. Super jealous that Guardian did a walkthrough for you. As much as we loved every other aspect of our build (even NVR) we were less than thrilled with Guardian. No customer service, no contact and no response during or after build. They just put the stuff in without any input. Finally got someone to come out to set up our security system. We do like that, but wasn't impressed with the rest of it. Glad you are having a better time with with them!