Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Timing. It's everything.

This is a picture of our neighborhood where our old house is located. Yes, the house we closed on Friday. This neighborhood is right before the bridge to Seaside Heights and flooded terribly due to Sandy. The neighborhood has canals running throughout, and man did we ever dodge a bullet. We are INCREDIBLY thankful that we closed when we did, but I do feel bad for the new owners. It's a great neighborhood but we are very happy to get out of a flood zone and be much closer to work. Things are a mess here in New Jersey and we hope our new home is OK. According to our PM it weathered the storm just fine. I'll be checking it out tomorrow when I get back to work. I hope all of you made it through the storm in one piece and sustained no damage!


  1. WOW! WOW!! I have nothing to complain about! Your timing is impeccable with the sale of your old house!! WOW!

  2. Wow! Incredible timing for you, not so much for the new owners. I hope they have good insurance. All of the pictures of NY and NJ are heart breaking. I hope things at the new house are all good.

    We got lucky because the storm hit further north than originally predicted. We lost 2 days of work and a tree at the back of our lot, which is nothing compared to what others have lost.

  3. That is crazy! You guys really did get lucky with that timing. Can you imagine the hassle that would have caused you? I hope the new owners didn;t have all their belongings in the house yet. I do feel bad for them.

  4. oh my gosh can you image what a mess that would have been had you NOT closed yet, the buyers could have actually backed out....WOW, to think of it...and those poor buyers what a stroke of bad luck, I feel terrible for them....I think if you dont have flood insurance you are out of luck....I hope they got some...

  5. That's insane! Hopefully insurance will cover your buyer's home.

    1. I hope so too. Flood insurance is mandatory in that neighborhood, so hopefully things work out for them!

  6. WOW! I'm happy for you that the house closed before Sandy hit. It's a good thing she was moving so slow. I feel bad for the buyers, but I'm sure their insurance will take care of it. Hopefully they didn't move in yet!