Monday, October 8, 2012


Today's update includes all doors and windows installed. The house was empty and worker free, so I looked around inside and took a few pics. The Pex tubing was in the garage as well as a big box of fittings, so it looks like plumbing will happen any moment. It will be time for that pre-drywall meeting before we know it!

Morning Room/Kitchen

Stairs :)

Rear of the house

Left Side: Home Office; Right Side: Great Room (looking in from Garage)

Sorry for the bad quality (cell phone+ low light) Dining Room and Basement Stairs


  1. Your guys are consistent! It looks like you are going to have a very nice size yard. Do you have a reversed elevation?

    1. Hi Nadase! Our lot was the largest lot left in our development however, we really would have preferred a larger one. I see some people building with Ryan Homes have huge lots. We sacrificed the lot size to be closer to work.

      We do have a reversed elevation. It turns out that the model also is reversed, so we have a good idea how things are going to look!

    2. We have a reversed elevation as well, so you did say you visited the model in MD, if so that's great so I can plan for furniture based on the model.