Friday, November 2, 2012

Coach House Accents

Hey everyone I wanted to share something with all of you that you may or may not know about. There is a company out there called Coach House Accents and they make a kit for most garage doors to dress them up. The kits make them look like the much more expensive doors with windows and hinges for a reasonable price. I plan on installing these on our new house once we get settled in. Make sure to visit the gallery so you can see all the different combinations and before/after shots!


  1. These are pretty cool! AND so simple to install! We would have to check with our HOA to see if they would approve the design. We must also stick with the same style fencing in the community. We want to change our front door so I will be adding this to my list to see what gets approved.

    Thanks Cody!!

  2. I saw something similar to this on an infomerical and wanted to do the same. I too, like Nadase, and wornder if the HOA will have an issue with it. If not, I'm ordering a kit as soon as we're settled in :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, this is the team from Coach House Accents. Thank you very much for the wonderful comments. When you, or any of the folks following your journey, are ready to purchase Coach HOuse Accents please let us know at and we'll provide you a special discount! Thanks again and have a terrific day.

  5. Genius! I had to give up the cottage style elevation when we switched floor plans to the Dunkirk. Now we can have the look we wanted on our garage door! I'm definitely ordering these after we close!


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  6. Thank for the info. Great ideal Coach House Accent.My Palermo will be completed in June will be ordering my accent soon.