Thursday, November 29, 2012

12 Days

The title says it all. In 12 days we will officially own and be moving in our new home. The time really does fly by once you break ground and get the ball rolling. For all of you out there just beginning this journey, I know it takes (what feels like) an eternity to get started. Once you do, it will soar by! One thing I can't stress enough is visit often, and take loads and loads of photos. We had a couple instances where the photos helped bail us out of situations or prove a point when needed. I'm telling you, you cannot take enough photos of your house in various stages. Nike has told you, now I'm telling you...Just do it. I took a photo of a section of framing, and then the wall got sheet rocked and something was covered that shouldn't have been. The photo helped pinpoint where and what needed to be uncovered. Today was spent dealing with NVR and tying up any loose ends. Email after email was traded back in forth in what felt like a ping pong match providing documents and signing others. I think we are in the clear with them now, but it's never easy to tell with them.

Tomorrow we will be getting our granite installed, with the plumbers returning Monday. They will be installing our kitchen faucet and the other shower head/knob in the Roman shower. Also the powder room sink and any other last minute installations. Painters will be back to finish up a couple more times, and the house will have it's final inspection to obtain the C.O. by end of next week. I walked around in the house today during my lunch hour and it looks so amazing. It's going to be a real treat to stop home for lunch if I choose. Something I haven't been able to do in many years. Hard to believe this journey is coming to and end...Very thankful for the opportunity to be able to build this home and provide a great place for my family to grow. Happy building everyone, enjoy it!


  1. Congratulations Cody! You are on the home streeeettttccch!!!

  2. How exciting... less than two weeks left! Hopefully everything will go smoothly with NVR!

  3. Oooo how exciting to be close to the keys! Yay! I can't wait to get there too! Congrats. We are currently building right now our blog is