Monday, November 12, 2012

The affects of Sandy

Things are moving along nicely with our Palermo, but the electrical portion not so much. Since super storm Sandy devastated so much of the area, getting power at our new home isn't going so well. Our neighborhood sustained no damage nor did the surrounding areas, so all of the electric crews are out helping other parts of the state (as they should be). This, of course, may delay us closing on time since power is needed to get a C.O. and pass inspection. We are fortunate in our current situation in regards to not being in a hurry since we are staying with family while building. Just getting very anxious and ready to move on to the next part of our lives of course! Our new cabinets should be in on the 21st to replace the ugly brown ones that we got by mistake; awesome. Drywall should be complete by Wednesday with painting starting Thursday. Today we got our driveway, sidewalk, and porch steps, though I didn't make it by the lot today for a picture.

Sunday's Pics:

 Miss Addie in her new room

Jake in his new room!

Master Bath Vanity

Looking up from Basement

 Media Closet in mudroom
Media Closet in mudroom

 View from Miss Addie's room
Guardian Panel in basement

Forms ready for driveway concrete to be poured


  1. I am jealous about your driveway. Our PM told us today that we won't get ours til spring because it's winter.... Really? It was 70 yesterday! Im sure they could still pour it, We close in 15 days.

  2. Jennifer, let's keep our fingers crossed they will progress as scheduled and power is restored to the entire area for you to close on schedule. Your children are gorgeous and look so happy in their new rooms. :-)

    BTW-How is the media closet system set up? Is it for all the cable wiring operating from a universal remote?

    1. I'll make a post for you to show you how it will work!

    2. Ok Fantastic!! I did not know what to ask for to have all the equipment housed in one location. I will still ask once I read the post. It makes perfect to put everything in a closet. We may have to have our IT family member to set it up for us because I am clueless. Thanks so much