Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vinyl Siding

Stopped by the house today for a quick visit and saw this:

Sorry for the terrible quality, the sun was just about non existent when I made my visit. I was using my cell phone on night mode and most of the pictures are too blurry to post. A few came out OK, this one being the best. The metal porch roof has to be finished and the column installed as well as the rest of the shutters. So I'm sure they will be finished Monday with all the Vinyl. I'll take better quality shots Monday and update the blog soon after.


  1. Love the siding color!

  2. Hi Cody, looking good! I think this is my favorite sidling color-Stone Mountain Clay!! It's gorgeous! Could not get it; however, optimistic that I will love my new exterior choices. Are the shutters/doors black--great combination?

    1. Thanks Nadase, we love it too! I'm sure your exterior choices will be really nice. The shutters and door will indeed all be black. I'm not sure about the door being black, I hope it's not too much.

    2. Ahh! What a simple but tremendous looking design! From the elegant garage door, to the simple color of the sidings, to the great color choice of the roof! Everything! It's really interesting to see the interior after all the arrangements have been finished.

      Aubrey Mullins

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  4. I've never really been a fan of vinyl siding until recently. In Edmonton though they've developed a great composite-vinyl material that has worked beautifully.

  5. Wow! Your house is beautiful and quite spacious! You must be excited to get things done and move in to your new abode. What technique did they use on your vinyl siding installation? I hope they used the new siding installation technology which includes a rain screen that allows air to flow and prevent the walls from being wet. We’ll be waiting for more updates!

    ~Lilia Marchi

  6. You’ve got a nice color combination for your roof, siding, shutters and trims. The colors complement o each other pretty nicely. Anyway, why don’t you paint the main door with a darker shade? I think that would spruce up your entryway.
    -Francisco Close

  7. I really like this post. I am adding some very similar vinyl siding in Calgary to my home. I think that it looks great.