Friday, November 23, 2012


We have electricity and our new (correct) cabinets are installed! Most of the electrical work is completed as well. The flooring company should be installing our laminate any day now. It's awesome to see everything come together and complete our home. Gutters also were installed as well as the lights flanking the garage.



  1. Glad you have the right cabinets! It seems as if it took them approximately ten days to deliver them? Is that about right? We got our garage of goodies today and we have the wrong cabinets for the island and not sure about the other kitchen pieces because the boxes were stacked to high. I am curious to know if it will take the same amount of time for delivery which means the granite people cannot come out to measure our template.

    1. That seems about right, possibly a bit longer though not much. We were told Timberlake doesn't keep the cabinets in stock and on hand, they build them to order. I don't know how true this is, but they did get here in a reasonable amount of time given the circumstances. I hope they resolve your issue soon; of course another change order will be needed! HA! I feel like we have a stack of those things...

    2. Sorry for the terrible pictures, I was using the Blogger app for Android to create this post. It looked awesome on my phone, but now that I'm seeing it on a computer I see otherwise. I'll post the original non scaled images in a bit!