Saturday, November 24, 2012


Yesterday we took advantage of the Black Friday sale Lowe's was having. We purchased our Refrigerator, Washer, and Dryer. We were able to get all three for right under $3000.00 with a 10% off coupon code I found online. Not too shabby considering Tuesday the fridge will go back up to $3199.99! After visiting the Lowe's closet to us at the moment to make our selections, we went home and ordered them online. Since we live an hour from the house for the time being, the Lowe's we went to will not be our "home store" and we couldn't pay there. Hence shopping online and choosing the store closest to our new home! After scouring the Internet for a bit, I was able to compile a list of coupon codes and was lucky enough to get one to work. Saved us $300+ bucks!

Samsung 28 cu ft French Door Refrigerator (Stainless Steel) ENERGY STAR

Samsung 3.6 cu ft Front-Load Washer (Blue) ENERGY STAR

Samsung 7.3 cu ft Stackable Electric Dryer (Blue)


  1. Very Nice! Samsung's are great products from all the reviews I have read! SCORE for you and your family!

  2. Awesome deal on the appliances!

    I'm now conflicted on appliances thanks to that sale at Lowe's. We'd love a Samsung French door refrigerator, but the prices are a bit more than we wanted to spend. We were thrilled to see the huge discount on them for Black Friday, but we selected black appliances through RH and it appears that only the stainless steel refrigerators are on sale. =(

    1. I saw your post, I say go for the Stainless. The decorated model in our neighborhood is a Florence. Since the refrigerator is off on it's own, I think it would look fine! The Samsung is a great deal right now! It's also the same price at Home Depot and Bestbuy. I have other codes for Lowe's that could potentially save you 10% if you'd like them! Let me know :)

  3. Hehe... I was spotting that fridge yesterday too :D While the price may go back up at Lowe's I'm sure the price will stay low online, and Lowe's has been known to wheel & deal.

  4. I got the same fridge only without the 2nd drawer.........I love our pics, we picked it up today and sitting in a friends garage until we move into our home, the sales were too good not to buy now...

  5. we purchased same as yours!
    we got 10% off on all three on black friday sale price plus we got another 10% on refrigarator, so all three under $3000 with 5year warranty!
    congratulations for your beautiful home.