Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Things with our house aren't going so great at the moment. The metal roof on our porch is dented, dinged, thin, and wavy. I will post a more detailed picture so you can see exactly what I mean. We like the metal roof, but weren't sure if we wanted to keep it. I think we still want it, but it's very thin metal and it looks cheap. It surely wasn't a cheap upgrade, so that stinks. We either want it fixed or just shingled. Then today we decided to open one of the boxes containing our kitchen cabinets and they are the wrong color. It turns out the wrong cabinets were ordered, and our SR was able to get this fixed. We will definitely be getting the right cabinets. On top of this a few pieces of the sub floor have water damage and have to be replaced. We hope that more don't swell and turn up later, but this is hard to say at the moment. So as you can tell, we aren't really happy right now. All of these things are going to cause a delay in closing on our new home. When dealing with our SR on the wrong cabinet issue, he tells us he accidentally deleted one of our flooring options. He assures us that we will get the right flooring options installed, but we are very nervous about this as well. I think all of this is happening due to the person who enters the change orders for our region being out on medical leave. We were told this person was out and basically none of the change orders we put in were getting entered in the system properly. This was discovered long ago at our flooring consultation, though it seems to still be an issue. Grrr, it's frustrating just to type this. Anyhow, I hope Ryan homes gets their act together and rights their wrongs. Sorry for the long post, had a lot to vent about!

This is a better shot of the metal. It's very chintzy looking. If you click on the pic and view the larger version you can see a bit better.


  1. After looking more closely at the metal roof I see what you are talking about with the imperfections. If it really is that easy to bang up I think I would just swap it out for shingles.

    I'm sorry you are having problems and that they are going to push back closing. I hope RH gets everything sorted out for you quickly!

  2. Wow that roof does look dented and poorly installed. Can you imagine what one hair storm will do? I really love the look but cheap is cheap and you paid too much for that to happen. I hope they resolve quickly.

  3. I'd suggest poking around other neighborhoods and taking photos of homes that have a metal roof that you think was properly installed, and w/o dents. I'd demand that another attempt to install a new metal roof be made, and if it shows signs of warping or dents, to then remove it and go with shingles. The metal roof is a Show Case feature. It would suck to invite family and friends over to see your home and have to make excuses for work poorly performed.

    I wish you the best!

  4. I'm with ^.. Ask your PM for a do-over. I hope that they address all of your concerns quickly.

  5. I agree--it looks like defective material and a bad installation job (probably trying to compensate for the damage). I have a picture of one on my blog for comparison: http://ravenna120.blogspot.com/p/model-pics.html.

    1. Now that is the way we want it to look! Thanks for the link to the pic; we will use that to show them what we expect.

  6. Any resolution on the metal roof?

  7. Second that... any resolution?

    One thing to note, the banged up & dented part where they look to have been pounding nails in, is probably going to be covered up with a rain gutter. It's hard to see from the photo, looks like the top surface might be warped, but it could be the camera angle.

    Again, I wish you the best!

  8. We expressed our concerns about the metal roof to our PM and he told us that since it is the first one he has seen, he was going to have his manager come and take a look at it. At this point, we are waiting to hear back from our PM's manager. We know that front lip is going to be covered by the gutter however, there are places that appear very warped. Hopefully we will have an update on the resolution soon. I'll post a more detailed pic taken from the 2nd story bedroom looking down over the roof. It provides a bit more clarity on why it looks the way it does.

  9. I'm really sorry for that. Things like that are really awful and kills all the excitement you have in moving in your house. I hope that your SR will do a much better job in fixing and correcting everything because everyone deserves the sheer excitement of moving in to a new home.

    Allyson Ripple

  10. Oh my, that really seemed like a poorly installed metal roof. How about asking the contractor to re-install a new roof or ask them for other alternatives? Anyway, how is your roof’s condition now? Since you liked the metal roof, it just seems like a waste to let all your efforts in having it upgraded by changing it into shingles.

    Rodney Orton

  11. That’s the importance of hiring only expert professional roofing contractors. I agree with Rodney that you should ask your contractor to re-install a new roof. Such inconveniences are a killjoy! I just hope that you’re still that excited for your new home.

    -Willene Fagen