Monday, November 26, 2012


After work I visited the house to see what progress has been made. What a difference a week makes! Our yard is completely landscaped with sod, shrubs, mulch, and hydro seed in the rear. Our house numbers were put on the garage, mailbox out front, and our column installed on the front porch. The outside of the house seems to be, for the most part, complete. It was too dark for a picture of the yard, so I will take pictures in the daylight and include them in tomorrow's post. Inside I spoke with the guys installing our flooring. They were finished with the all the laminate and had moved on to putting down the tack strips for the carpeting. I asked if they were coming back tomorrow and they said no, they were staying until they were done tonight. Apparently they're running behind schedule and have 2 more houses to do tomorrow, so they were staying until the job is complete. Awesome, tomorrow should be an exciting visit too. Guardian looks to be completely done with the exception of a speaker placement in the basement I'm not fond of, so I will be asking for it to be rotated and centered on the wall. In the kitchen all of our appliances are in as well, just waiting for the granite to show up. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but lets get to the meat and potatoes of this post; the pictures.

Kitchen :)


Laminate - Autumn Mahogany


Powder Room

Master Bath - Roman Shower

Master Vanity

Office :)

Laundry Room

Linen Closet

Gaurdian Panel - Basement

Basement with in wall speakers. The center channel should be horizontal and centered...

Further Back

Media Closet



Our carpet in the back of the flooring co. van

Column in place!

More pics of the outside tomorrow; weather permitting. Snow in the forecast here, so we'll see.


  1. Nice progress! Was the Roman shower a non-standard request or an option?

  2. It was actually an option. If you choose the Roman shower and forego the tub, you end up with a HUGE walk in closet in the Palermo. Big selling point for the wife, and since we have 2 other tubs it was the perfect choice for us!

    1. Nice! In the Florence our options were the standard tub with a linen closet or a soaking tub with a stand up shower. I really didn't want to have to clean two tubs and a shower so we stuck with the standard tub. A Roman shower would have been a nice option!

  3. Nice! Everything looks great.

  4. Love Love Love that Roman Shower!! NOW this is an option I WISH I knew about! We could have put the jacuzzi tub in the guest bath and kept the Roman Shower with seamless frame (YES) in the master. I need to look into this as an option for later.

    GREAT OPTION and it looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Nadase! We are in love with it too. By just going with the large shower and no tub, it allowed for a much, much larger WIC in the master. We are more than pleased with that choice :)